Hole 1 – Keep the drive to the right of the fairway, the ball will drift left. MAke sure you hit the green with your second shot, it’s a tricky chip from either side.

Hole 2 РKeep ball on fairway is key. Ignore flag position  just aim for centre of this smallish green.

Hole 3 = Aim between the two ESB poles and you wont go far wrong. Too far left or right is a reload!

Hole 4 – “The Mine” Play your most reliable club from the tee. Trouble left and internal OOB right. Just hit that fairway!

Hole 5 – “Garnish View” Play steady controlled wedge or similar. Its a simple 125 yd shot but tug it left and your gone, push right and your down the hill and looking at double bogey.

Hole 6 – “The Dogleg” (right). Play 7 iron or similar to the generous fairway below for the two shot play to the green or for those bravehearts go direct over the trees! Risk reward. The choice is yours.

Hole 7 – “Coronary Hill” Definitely do not drive the ball right. Get on the fairway left or centre and take that extra club to reach the green for a comfortable par.

Hole 8 – Play the tee shot to left of green and let it drift down to pin. Too far left and you have a hopeless task. Go right and tree trouble awaits. Club selection vital. Just hit that green!

Hole 9 – Keep right of fairway to ensure shot to green. Be careful not to overshoot green with 2nd. The weather and ground conditions will determine the type of shot to play.

Upcoming Events

  • Dr. Maureen O'Hara-Blair ladies Classic. 3 BBB. Timesheet 086 056 3100
    Starts: 21/06/2019 @ 08:00

  • Dr. Maureen O'Hara-Blair ladies Classic. 3 BBB. Timesheet 086 056 3100
    Starts: 22/06/2019 @ 08:00

  • 18 hole Singles Open Ladies & Gents kindly sponsored by Harbour Queen Ferry. Timesheet 087 8932693
    Starts: 23/06/2019 @ 08:00

  • Juvenile Open Day kindly sponsored by Coakleys Decor. 9:00 - 12:00. Timesheet 086 8247032
    Starts: 24/06/2019 @ 09:00

  • Ladies & gents Open Senior Singles Competition kindly sponsored by Des Keaveney. Timesheet 087 2253419
    Starts: 25/06/2019 @ 08:00

  • 9 Hole Open Scramble kindly sponsored by Eagle Point Campsite. Draws at 2:00pm & 6:00pm.
    Starts: 26/06/2019 @ 15:00

  • Open Mixed Foursomes kindly sponsored by D.H.C. Construction. Timesheet 087 6103657.
    Starts: 27/06/2019 @ 08:00